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Future Wealth

Meet Peter O'Malley

Meet Peter O’Malley: Founder, Principal, and trusted financial advisor at Future Wealth Group Planning, offering tailored, comprehensive services to meet your financial goals.

How We Can Help

Our team of qualified Financial Advisers can provide advice on a range of services.

Mortgage Broking

Mortgage brokers connect borrowers and lenders, advising and managing to secure the best terms.


Superannuation saves for retirement, ensuring comfort by building it while working.

Retirement Planning

Retirement may seem a long way off but putting money into super now is still a tax effective way to invest your money.

Debt Management

Effective debt management involves investing in the right type of assets, understanding the interest you pay, and prioritising your debts efficiently.


SMSF is one where you, as a trustee and member, have responsibility over the management, investment and administration of your super fund.

Aged Care

It’s not easy making the decision to place a loved one into care. Once you’ve made the call, it can be confusing to understand how it all works.

Who We Are

Future Wealth Group is a boutique private wealth company that aims to provide quality, transparent and effective wealth advice solutions to clients ranging from young professionals to pre and post – retirees.

Working closely with leading professionals in Accounting, Property and Estate Planning, Future Wealth Group provides an efficient solution to assisting individuals and families manage and plan their finance needs to help them achieve Financial certainty and independence.

With You Along The Way

At Future Wealth Group we work with you along the way on life’s journey. Whether you are getting married, starting a family, embarking on the trip of a lifetime or planning to enjoy your years after work, we can help.

Starting Out

Whether you are starting your first job, buying your first home, starting a family or saving for something special, we want to help give you the best start to your financial journey

Building Foundations

Life’s really busy now and although retirement is still quite a way off, you want to know that your financial future is secure. You might be considering starting your own business, looking at buying an investment property and/or shares or you just want to be sure that will have enough to pay for your children’s education. This is a time when we can help you build on your financial foundations.

Thinking About Retirement

Retirement is on the horizon and you are dreaming about all the wonderful things you are going to see and do in your life after work.

Putting the right plans in place while you are still working will give you the comfort of knowing that your future is under control.

Enjoying Retirement

You are enjoying life after work and all the opportunities that this exciting time in your life presents. At this time in your life you want to know you are going to have the finances to support your adventures and perhaps even leave a legacy so you can share your wealth now and in the future.

Mortgage Broking Excellence

Future Wealth Group’s mortgage broking service is dedicated to forging pathways to financial empowerment through tailored advice and strategic loan management. Their approach prioritizes securing the best mortgage terms for clients by closely advising and managing the entire loan process. Emphasizing personalized service, Future Wealth Group ensures clients’ journeys towards property ownership are both efficient and aligned with their financial goals.

Why Choose Us

  • Keep You On Track

    We will keep you accountable along the way because we want you to stay on track to achieve your goals.

  • A Holistic Approach

    We want to understand exactly what you want to achieve in life and provide you with strategies to guide you towards your goals.

  • Ease & Convenience

    Deal with one company for your superannuation, investment, debt management, insurance and estate planning needs.

  • Exceptional Personal Service

    Our focus is on listening, understanding, and caring about your concerns and providing you with an individual level of service.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our friendly support team will support you throughout your journey with us and answer any questions you have along the way.

  • Knowledge & Experience

    Our Financial Advisers are highly qualified and have the knowledge and experience necessary to focus on all your important financial matters.

Financial Advisor and lending specialists, Sydney and Gold Coast

Future Wealth Group offers specialist financial advisory and mortgage broking services across Sydney and the Gold Coast, QLD.. Our skilled team is committed to assisting clients at every life stage, whether establishing a family, buying a home, or planning for retirement. As trusted financial advisors and lending specialists in Sydney and the Gold Coast, we provide comprehensive and considered solutions for your financial situation. We focus on delivering informed advice that actively supports your financial goals, ensuring you are well-prepared for the future. With our guidance, clients gain clarity and control over their financial decisions, enhancing their ability to meet their aspirations effectively.

About Future Wealth Group

Founded by Peter O’Malley, a respected figure in financial planning, Future Wealth Group excels in delivering personalised financial advice as well as Residential, SMSF and Commercial lending. . Our firm is based on a foundation of rigorous ethical standards and a commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals. We cater to diverse clients, from young professionals seeking to navigate their financial future to retirees aiming for a secure and fruitful retirement. Our services extend beyond the typical—incorporating mortgage broking, estate planning, and more—ensuring that we cover all aspects of your financial needs transparently and efficiently.

Our Services

Future Wealth Group provides a wide range of services aimed at managing and enhancing your financial well-being:

  • Mortgage Broking: Assistance with securing competitive mortgage rates and terms for property purchases.
  • Superannuation: Strategies to optimise your superannuation funds for retirement.
  • Retirement Planning: Planning for a financially secure retirement through effective wealth accumulation and drawdown strategies.
  • Debt Management: Advice and strategies to efficiently manage and reduce personal and business debt.
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF): Guidance on the setup, management, and compliance of your SMSF.
  • Aged Care Financial Advice: Financial planning services to manage aged care costs.
  • Estate Planning: Structuring your estate ensures your assets are distributed as intended.
  • Wealth Protection: Ensuring wealth is protected against potential financial risks.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Effective financial planning is important to achieving your financial goals and securing your future. At Future Wealth Group, our approach involves a thorough analysis of your financial situation to develop strategies that are not only comprehensive but also adaptable to life’s changes. Whether you’re planning for education expenses, purchasing a home, or investing for retirement, our strategies are designed to optimise your financial resources. Our financial planners and Mortgage Brokers in Sydney and the Gold Coast work diligently to craft plans that enhance your financial stability and growth.

Retirement and Estate Planning

Planning for retirement and managing your estate are critical elements of financial health. Future Wealth Group provides expert advice on maximising your retirement savings and effectively transferring your wealth. Our customised retirement strategies consider your lifestyle goals and financial resources, ensuring you can confidently enjoy your later years. Additionally, our estate planning services help you manage and allocate your assets according to your wishes, providing security for your loved ones.

Investment Management Solutions

Investing can be complex and requires careful strategy and management. Future Wealth Group’s investment management solutions focus on creating portfolios that align with your risk tolerance and financial objectives. By employing diversified investment strategies and continuous market analysis, we ensure that your investments are positioned to achieve optimal returns while managing risk.

Debt Management and Advisory

Debt can be a considerable obstacle to financial freedom. Our debt management services provide you with strategies to manage and reduce debt efficiently. From consolidating multiple debts into a manageable payment to advising on budgeting and financial discipline, Future Wealth Group equips you with the tools to improve your financial situation. Our guidance is designed to help you reduce financial stress and build a stronger economic foundation.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Future Wealth Group means selecting a firm known for its commitment to professionalism and ethical standards in the financial sector. Our approach is structured to provide practical and effective solutions, ensuring our strategies remain relevant and beneficial to your financial needs. Here are several reasons to consider our services:

  • A steadfast commitment to ethical practices and professional integrity
  • Innovative use of the latest financial planning tools and technologies
  • Strategies that focus on practical outcomes and real-world applicability
  • Continuous improvement of our services to adapt to changing financial landscapes
  • Recognised as some of the best financial planners in Sydney, committed to maintaining high client satisfaction

Experienced Team

Our team consists of Senior financial planners and Mortgage Brokers in Sydney and the Gold Coast with whom hold Masters and Bachelors accreditations, each thoroughly experienced in diverse aspects of financial management. Holding these certifications means adhering to rigorous knowledge and ethical practice standards, ensuring reliable and prudent financial advice and lending standards. Committed to their professional growth, our advisors and brokers continuously update their expertise to stay abreast of evolving financial trends and legislative changes. This dedication helps us deliver informed and current financial strategies and lending solutions, providing clear benefits to our clients without the need for overstated promises.

Client-Centric Approach

At Future Wealth Group, our client-centric philosophy guides every action we take. Focusing on each client’s specific financial circumstances and goals ensures that our advice is pertinent and practical. This approach allows us to develop financial solutions responsive to your needs. As financial consultants in Sydney, we are committed to providing clear, straightforward advice that supports your financial objectives without overwhelming you with complexity. Each strategy is carefully formulated to be flexible, catering to your evolving financial landscape and ensuring long-term relevance.

Proven Track Record of Success

We have a solid history of achieving excellent outcomes for our clients. This record reflects our commitment to high standards and ethical practices in all work areas. We create enduring relationships based on trust and respect, ensuring that each client’s financial strategy is executed precisely and carefully. The positive results we consistently deliver are evidence of our effectiveness in meeting and exceeding client expectations, confirming our reputation as a reliable provider of financial services in Sydney.

Start Your Financial Consultation

For detailed information or to discuss specific financial requirements, please reach out to Future Wealth Group. Our knowledgeable team is prepared to provide expert guidance and practical solutions suited to your financial queries and goals. Contact us today to ensure your financial planning aligns with your aspirations.

Book Your Consultation

Schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, who is ready to provide comprehensive and effective financial solutions. Our consultations are developed to address your specific financial situations and assist you in planning for a secure financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding financial planning and how it can benefit you.

Why engage with financial planners?

Engaging with financial planners allows you to access expert advice for organising your finances effectively. They help formulate strategies to manage assets, investments, and debts, ensuring your financial actions align with long-term objectives. This professional support is crucial for making informed decisions that can significantly impact your financial health and future stability.

Certification in financial planning indicates adherence to rigorous proficiency and ethical practice standards. FWG Senior Advisor and Director Peter O’Malley is accredited with a Master of Financial Planning from the University of New South Wales which illustrates he is equipped with up-to-date knowledge of financial regulations and strategies, ensuring their advice is both reliable and grounded in current practices. This helps them make informed decisions about their finances.

Selecting the right financial advisor involves reviewing their credentials, assessing their experience, and evaluating the breadth of their service offerings. Confirm their client satisfaction history and ability to grasp and address your specific financial circumstances. This process ensures you partner with a professional who competently guides your financial decisions.

Initiating financial planning early in life is advisable. Beginning sooner rather than later enables you to maximise the benefits of compound interest, affords ample time for refining your strategies, and ensures preparedness for unforeseen financial difficulties. Early financial planning sets a foundation for sustained financial health and helps secure a stable financial future.

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Meet the Team at Future Wealth Group: At the heart of Future Wealth Group lies a dedicated team of financial experts, each bringing a unique blend of experience and insight to help you navigate life’s financial journey.

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